Digital Healthcare Innovation Conference

The Role of Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Healthcare.

Mode: Online
12th September 2024

5.0 (500k reviews)


The 2024 Digital Healthcare Conference is a meeting ground for senior digital healthcare professionals, decision-makers, and providers to explore the role of innovation and emerging technologies in transforming the healthcare industry.

Organized by Eprenz, one of the largest online community of entrepreneurs globally, this virtual conference transcends geographical barriers to bring together a unique experience of learning, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Through this conference, we create a space for discussion among senior healthcare leaders, digital healthcare innovators, and procurement professionals. Discuss the emerging trends, pain points, and the transformative potential of technological innovation in healthcare.

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September 12, 2024

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5-star reviews
We’re proud of our 5-star rating with over 500 reviews.

About Eprenz Events

Eprenz has organized and hosted over 240 online events in the last 5 years, reaching a target market of over 125,000+ LinkedIn members worldwide.

Our community includes 50,000+ members in the USA, 20,000+ in India, 17,000+ in Europe, 8,000+ in Africa, 9,000+ in the UK, 6,000+ in Canada, and 4,000+ in the Middle East, including 20,000+ employers with 1-10 team members, 16,000+ with 11-50 team members, and 10,000+ with 51-200 team members.

Our Speaker

Emanuel Rose

CEO - Founder
Emanuel Rose, a West Coast native, has dedicated over three decades to pioneering marketing strategies. Specializing in direct-response advertising and content marketing at Strategic eMarketing, he excels in authentic storytelling, helping companies thrive. A visionary in merging marketing and AI, Emanuel’s approach has propelled countless clients to success. Renowned for his forward-thinking, trend anticipation, and clear communication, he stands out as a strategist and connector shaping marketing trends. Armed with simple yet powerful tactics, Emanuel is set to further revolutionize digital marketing.

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